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Unercover Engagement

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Undercover Engagement front cover

Alyssa Eastman is engaged to the man of her dreams. Jason is intelligent, attractive, and he makes her laugh. When the couple is attacked by a group of men who call Jason by the wrong name, shoot holes in his beautiful car, and try to run them off the road, Alyssa learns her perfect fiancé is also the perfect spy. With his cover blown, the only way to bring down an international terrorist group is for Alyssa to steal the information. She agrees to help, putting her life on the line; but, putting her heart on the line and marrying a man who lied to her about his identity (albeit for national security – but still!!) is a much harder decision.

My latest release – Undercover Engagement – was a lot of fun to write. One day, I wondered how a woman could accidentally get married – without being drunk – and the rest of the story clicked into place. Because Jason is a spy, there were cool gadgets and an awesome car that made their way into the book. The shack that is his secret hideout actually exists. In fact, it kind of creeped me out.  

Oh the car! (Sigh) I think I fell in love with the car. A Dodge Viper is the type of vehicle that turns heads, well, I should say the Viper turns every head. Men, women, children …  the Amish – no one can help but watch this baby slide by and appreciate its curves. Of course, even the most amazing vehicle on the planet needs to be adjusted for a spy’s life. So, I spent some time talking to my neighbor, who works as a police officer, about bullet-proof glass and armor plating. He referred me to different training videos and online sales sites. That part of the research was ultra cool.

All in all, I spent a lot of time smiling as I wrote. In fact, I had such a good time with Alyssa, I might just write a sequel. She’s book smart and has awesome life skills; she’s daring, resourceful, and loves with all her heart. Characters like her, the ones you wish were real so they could be your best friend, don’t come along everyday.



Author: Christina Dymock

Award-winning author of The Hungry Family Slow-Cooker Cookbook, One Dirty Bowl, The Academic Bride, Undercover Engagement, Young Chefs, 101 Things to Do with Popcorn, and the Widow's Mite.

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