Ah, Sumertime

I am always looking for ways for my kids to be creative and stay away from the TV during the summer. Projects that keep them interested without my supervision are all the better. That’s why, when the local library sneaked a “Build a Robot Contest” flier into my library bag, I was pretty happy to hand it over to Mr. 10 and let him go.

Mr. 10 has what we call an “engineer brain.” He learns visually which can make some parts of school more difficult; but, he can also read schematics, plans, and graphics like a champ. He can put things together because somehow his brain just knows what to do. When it came time to assemble the new basketball hoop for the front yard, he was right there with the tools and know-how to get it done. I love how his brain works – it’s like a super power.

He spent a full day drawing out ideas. I wish he’d saved a few of the early plans because they were pretty awesome. In the end, this is what he came up with.



Meet Rover the Robot!

Rover has some pretty cool options. For example, he has a computer screen on his belly where you can type up your homework assignment.

Homework Screen

He also has jet packs so he can go where ever you need him to and get there fast.


Check out the propeller.


All in all, he spent over a week planning, gathering materials, and actually building the thing. I have to admit, I helped with the spray paint and the hot glue. There are a few things I wasn’t ready to turn him loose with yet.


Once we got Rover to the library, Mr. 10 had to say goodbye. He’ll get Rover back at the end of the summer. They were so excited that they put him in the front display window. You can drive by and check him out. Mr. 10 wasn’t sad to see him go because he made Rover with the intent to put him in the contest. I’m happy the library wants to keep him all summer because that means I won’t have to find a place to store him for a few more months. All in all, it was a wonderful week for Mr. 10 and he was truly pleased with the outcome.

Now I have to ask, what are we going to do for the rest of the summer?!